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Anthony Collins solicitors create a new dynamic intranet

Intranet case study




Discover how to create a dynamic intranet

Intranet insight: content targeting, RSS feeds, room booking

Anthony Collins aimed to deliver a fresh, modern, dynamic intranet for their 8-floor office which would provide a central location to store all their policies and procedures.

Key features of their new intranet are the documentation of policies, contributions from staff and sharing of notices and room bookings. Each feature importantly had to be able to target each office floor and relevant departments. The ability to target content to each office floor and relevant department was key to its success.

Using Engage from Sorce, Anthony Collins Solicitors have created an intranet that will evolve as their business and employee requirements change.

‘Our Sorce intranet is a living breathing source of information.’ Angela Skuce, IT Manager.

Anthony Collins Solicitors is a specialist law firm with a clear purpose – to “improve lives, communities and society”.