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Invaluable SharePoint integration at Boulting Group

Intranet case study




Discover how they achieved their digital transformation with SharePoint intranet

Intranet insight: SharePoint integration, social engagement, intranet content

Read more to discover how Boulting Group introduced a new intranet that dramatically improved communication within the group. The new intranet needed to bring office-based staff and remote site workers together in one central location; providing access via any device. Boulting Group also wanted to devolve some responsibility for the site away from IT to others within the organisation who weren’t necessarily technically minded.

"One of the reasons that our intranet is so successful is that we give our users access to the tools they need to do their jobs; useful and important information, directly from the home page. Communication across the group is now easy and staff can quickly and efficiently access the information they need. There is now one central space with many tools just a click away.” Kara Doble, Marketing Manager