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Engage intranet software boosts efficiency & employee engagement at BES

Intranet case study




Discover how BES improved employee engagement and efficiency

Intranet insight: intranet engagement, document management, internal communications

Read how BES replaced their outdated inhouse solution, to deliver a fresh, modern user-friendly intranet to become the focal point for company communication and document management. All employees can access the site regardless of where they are based, improving employee engagement and efficiency.

The new Engage intranet at BES quickly became the go-to place for all employees, from searching for documents or contacts, to sharing news, accessing other business systems and communicating social events.

“Our new intranet is a great success. We are a diverse organisation with employees at multiple sites. We have lots of important documents and policies that need to be shared with version control being crucial. Engage has certainly saved us lots of time and efficiency has improved”.” Vanessa Weaver, Business Support Manager