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Engage software helps ECA improve business processes - saving time and money

Intranet case study




Discover how they improved their business processes, saved time and costs

Intranet insight: intranet engagement, business processes, cost saving

Read how the Electrical Contractors Association (ECA) created a group intranet that brought three core business areas together in one central place to connect employees and business processes.

ECA recognised the need to improve employee engagement and were looking to improve efficiency by opening visibility of business processes across the group.

They wanted to incorporate as many internal processes as possible into the new intranet, to minimise numerous standalone applications and the need to license additional products.

“Our quarterly focus group provides staff the opportunity to share feedback on our intranet and suggest ways to improve it. We found this particularly useful in identifying further training needs, navigation structure and coming up with fun ideas to drive engagement. To ensure that we give all staff the ability to contribute and to be represented, the focus group is open to all within the business to join”. Lucianne Osideko, Project Analyst