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Housing Plus Group transforms businesses efficiency with Engage intranet

Intranet case study




Transforming their business with new intranet

Intranet insight: Microsoft 365, HR, contact directory

Housing Plus Group needed an intranet to be compatible with relevant applications and management tools to improve their workplace efficiency.

The solution was to make a mobile friendly Microsoft 365 integrated intranet to allow the whole organisation to streamline their work in one central hub, making tasks quicker and easier to perform.

Using Engage they introduced a contact directory feature, client promotions and meeting notes from company briefings, allowing departments to see the latest information in once central location.

‘We are proud of the site and are really pleased with the improvements in efficiencies that have been seen in a relatively short period of time’. Natalie Tyler, Internal Communications Officer.

Housing Plus Group was formed by a merger between Severnside Housing in Shropshire and South Staffordshire-based Housing Plus in October 2016 as provider of homes and care services. Their mission has always been to provide customers and communities a better choice.