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Engage successfully delivers improved employee accessibility

Intranet case study




Discover how Independence Homes engaged their employees

Intranet insight: department pages, HR, documentation

Having grown to a team of 400, Independence Homes needed a better way to engage their employees and manage documents to ensure their staff could continue to deliver the high standard of service they are known for.

Sorce was able to introduce easy to set up features in their intranet which instantly made a difference. Core features used helped the HR department with their communications, individuals can now get company and employee notifications, and managers can set up mandatory reads and view individual department pages.

‘The (Sorce) support team also cannot be faulted. Quick and friendly!’. Julliet Okeke, Business Analyst & HR Manager.

Since 1997, Independence Homes has provided consistent high-quality care for people with a huge range of physical and neurological conditions.