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Silva Homes launches SharePoint integrated intranet with Sorce

Intranet case study



Discover how Silva Homes supported their business growth with new intranet

Intranet insight: Microsoft 365, internal communications, mobile

Silva needed a new digital workplace to help manage their internal communications while going through their business growth. An intranet was the best fit with the aim to improve internal efficiencies for all employees.

With Microsoft 365 already in place, Silva Homes used Engage intranet to build upon their existing functionality and digitise the company's internal communications to take their service further than before for their customers and employees.

‘Knocking down internal barriers is a necessary stage in empowering colleagues and driving business efficiencies.’ Alan Ward, Chief Executive.

In 2008, Silva was established as an independent housing association. Today they own and manage over 6,000 rented homes and have 200 employees.