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Engage unites two organisations across multiple locations

Intranet case study




Read how VIVID launched their internal hub

Intranet insight: internal communication, mobile app, document management

During a merger between two organisations, Vivid Housing needed an internal hub to manage their internal communications and for their employees to access relevant information across multiple locations.

Using the latest Engage technology from Sorce, Vivid launched an intranet which featured blog posts, project pages and contact search options. Each feature was used to unify the business, keeping all employees up to date on the latest news regardless of their location. The new intranet became the perfect place to launch their new brand.

‘Everyone, including mobile workers, can now see real-time company news, share comments and find information in once central location.’ Alex Hooker, Communications Business Partner.

Vivid Housing has over 70,000 customers and 850 staff. With their offering of affordable homes for everyone, Vivid has commanded a strong presence within the housing sector.